Today’s Message: Psychic

Indriel is here to remind you that you are indeed a psychic. Not in the traditional sense, perhaps, but each and every one of us have at least one special gift. But you’ve been standing in your own way. Maybe you believe that you’re not special enough - that you’re just an “ordinary person”. Maybe you believe that you need to undergo some special initiation to be able to embrace your powers.

But Indriel is here to remind you that everything you need is inside you. You are a work of God. And God resides inside you. You are as special as any other person on this earth. And you have your own special “psychic” gifts just waiting to be embraced.

Realizing your Psychic Powers

It can be quite a challenge to let go of your own limiting beliefs. But there are a few things you can do to banish your doubt. Let’s have a look at some of those things now:

  • Trust Your Gut

    THis is the most obvious one. We all have a little voice inside of us, telling us when something is good or bad, or even telling us what we can do and expect from certain situations. The first step to unleashing your own psychic potential and becoming the lightworker that you are destined to become is to listen to this little voice. That’s your intuition. It’s your soul guiding you Your soul is connected to the spiritual realm and it knows things you can’t always explain logically. But just because you can’t explain it doesn’t make it any less real. In fact, sometimes the inexplicable is more real than anything tangible in your life. So learn to follow your instincts.

  • Keep the Fire Burning

    Remember when you used to play pretend as a child? When we’re young we tend to believe in the impossible more readily than we do as adults. We follow our instincts almost blindly. Why? Because it just feels right. It lights a fire in our souls and makes us feel like that’s why we’re alive. When was the last time you felt that fire? A good way to keep it going is to start doing more of the things we used to spend all our time on doing as children.

  • Believe in Yourself

    This is very difficult. THroughout our lives we are criticised for being atypical. Everyone has their idea of “normal” and when someone steps outside that idea we’re ready to tell them exactly how they should be. Everyone does it, and everyone has it done to them. But being more “normal” won’t stop the critics. In fact the only way to stop the critics is to stop existing altogether. So embrace your weirdness, because that’s where your magic lies.

  • Speak Your TRUTH

    Of course there are situations where it’s better to bite your tongue and let things be as they are. But how often do you bite your tongue for fear of being judged? This is where most of us suppress our magic. If you really want to embody your purpose and become the lightworker you were destined to become you need to get over the fear and speak your truth. You need to believe in yourself enough, trust your gut enough and burn bright enough to become a light to those around you.

It may take some time to unleash all your spiritual gifts and become a valuable psychic, but trust the process. Every journey starts with one small step. And you can think about doing it one day, but if you decide to make today day one you won’t regret it.

Indriel has shown up for a good reason. You’re ready to embody everything you have come here to be. So open your heart and soul to the idea that you are more than capable of becoming a healing and guiding light to those around you. Don't’ let your own insecurities stand in the way of your destiny.

You are who you are for a reason. Embrace your inner voice. If you have any doubt turn to Indriel and your own Guardian Angel for more guidance and assurance. Pray and let the light of truth fill you and spill out through everything you do.

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