Archangel Patience - Claim Your Worth 

Patience is a virtue and it’s never more true than when you have to deal with claims from insurance companies. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of picking the wrong insurer after comparing vehicle insurance all day you know what real patience means. Especially if you went with the cheapest auto insurance on reddit. But what this card is here to tell you today is that with a little bit of patience you can skip the claims process completely.

Imagine never having to claim on your car insurance because your road in life is so clear you can see every bump and pothole from a mile away… Well with a little patience that’s exactly what you can get. But that means you’re going to have to learn how to start claiming your worth before accidents happen.

The link between Claims and Boundaries

When we put down boundaries, for ourselves or others, we’re actually building the vehicle that’s going to take us through life. We’re saying we’ll allow this into our car, but we won’t allow that.

Imagine there’s a hitchhiker on the side of the road with a whole household worth of baggage but your car is only big enough to fit the person, not everything else. If you’re a people pleaser you’re going to allow that person to stuff as much of their baggage into your car as they can. What’s that going to do? Well, your car is going to be overloaded, your driving is going to be impaired, and in no time you’re going to hit something and have to claim from your car insurance.

But, if you put up your boundaries and tell the person “No, sorry, you can’t bring your baggage into my ‘life-vehicle’” you give them a choice. They can come with you and leave the bulk of their baggage behind. Or they can cling onto their baggage.

But for us soft-hearted people that want to help others, giving other people the choice between letting go of their baggage or letting us help them can be a tough call. But that’s where patience comes in.

Be the Patient Claims Consultant

When you’re dealing with a claim on your car insurance there’s nothing better than a patient, helpful claims consultant. They make life that much easier. And you should have the same attitude when it comes to setting your boundaries.

Just like car claims, you have to have certain boundaries set in place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be helpful to the other person. Getting back to the hitchhiker with a household’s worth of baggage, why not help them sell the things they don’t need - in other words help them find value in the baggage they’re carrying with them so they can let it go without regrets.

This is going to require you to learn about them, observe them, and be patient with them. Because you’re acting like their claims consultant. You’re helping them reclaim their personal worth as they let go of the baggage in their life. You’re helping them find their own boundaries, without allowing them to overstep yours.

The Best Insurance Strategy

Being patient with others is the best insurance strategy. It’s the way you can protect your own boundaries and assets, and help others do the same. With a little patience and understanding you can help people turn their baggage into riches. And in the process you too can lighten your load, making your ‘life vehicle’ safer for yourself as well as the people you allow to take a ride with you.

And in the long run you’ll become so comfortable with your ride that you’ll be able to see the potholes and bumps in the road ahead. Why? Because you’ve taken the time to get to know yourself and your path. You’ve set clear boundaries, and you’re patiently taking your time to reach your destination, instead of overloading yourself and speeding off into the distance without a clue where you’re going.

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