Archangel Celeste - Let your Guardian Angel be the Attorney 

Celeste is here to let you know that things are on the move in your life. Her message is filled with good omens and plenty to look forward to. But, as is the case with any change, you might be resisting the flow of Divine will and forgetting that your Guardian Angel is your attorney on the higher planes.

If you’ve been feeling overly anxious about the future - wondering what’s about to happen next and hoping that whatever does happen doesn’t upset the apple cart too much - this message is for you!

Celeste wants to remind you that there is a path for you that will bring you happiness and contentment - but only if you choose to follow it. Instead of fighting the things that are changing, have you considered that your Guardian Angel has already been through the vetting process? They’ve already stood up for you in the court on a higher plane. They’ve already pleaded your case…

And now your celestial attorney is right by your side to guide you through all the changes. Because Celeste always brings some changes with her.

If you’ve been feeling anxious here are some techniques you can use to build the trust with your Guardian Angel:

  • Ask for a Sign
    While it might not be a good idea to ask for a sign every time you talk to your Guardian Angel… once in a while it can be nice to ask them to let you know they’re listening. You can ask for any sign you like, from rainbows to butterflies - maybe even a certain incident or scene. Or you don’t even have to ask for a specific sign. If you do ask for something specific make sure to keep it quite low-key.
  • Be Honest
    Your Guardian Angel knows what’s going on in your head anyway, but the best attorneys know to respect their client’s privacy. Your winged attorney is no different. They don’t pry into your life - instead they portray you as you want to be portrayed in the Court of Destiny. So the more honest you are with yourself and your Guardian Angel, the better things will start going for you.
  • Reminisce
    It’s always a good idea to look back at fond memories, especially when you’re feeling stressed about the future. At this time it’s probably a good idea to look back at all the times your Guardian Angel helped you in the past. It’s a great way to remind yourself that your attorney is there looking out for you every step of the way.

Learning to trust that your Guardian Angel is there for you no matter what you’re facing does take time. So be patient with yourself. At times you may still feel as though you’re in a courtroom being judged - especially while new moves are on the horizon. But the key is to remain hopeful and positive. 

Today’s Angel Card message from Celeste is definitely a positive sign. You just need to keep the faith that everything will work out for the best and keep the communication channels open with your Guardian Angel. Remember - they can only give you what you ask for, so make sure you give your “attorney” everything they need to win your case every time. If you can do that, and you trust that everything will work out great, this is a very prosperous time for you and soon you’ll be settling into a new space in your life - which is always nice to look forward to.

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