Archangel Arielle - Software Update 

Arielle is here today to let you know that the time has come to upgrade your spiritual software. Just like computer programs run computers, our belief systems dictate how we interpret our experiences. And with the software upgrade you’re currently downloading there is a lot of potential for you to improve your performance and security.

As Arialle says, it’s time to start studying, praying and meditating. But why are these factors important when it comes to upgrading your (spiritual) software? Because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

New software; New life

When you upgrade your software things make sense in a whole new way.

Here are the five steps you can take to upgrade your software quickly and easily - so you don’t keep postponing your upgrade till “Later”:

Step 1 - Stable Wi-Fi Connection

This is the first step. You don’t want to pay the proverbial price for using your own resources to download a higher level of being. Instead, you want to connect to your Guardian Angels. They give you a direct, high-speed link to the Divine - the place where your software upgrade was specially made just for you.

Step 2 - Pick your Interface

The new software may have been designed with you in mind. But as with everything in life, you have a choice. You get to decide which area of your life you want to apply this spiritual upgrade to. Do you want a more fulfilling career, friendships, romance, family life or just a better relationship with yourself?

Step 3 - Start Download

Unlike actual software - this is going to take a bit of effort on your part. Of course the stable wi-fi connection is going to help. But think of it this way - your device still has to have enough power to download the software upgrade… This is where your study, prayer and meditation comes in. You need to be open to receiving new information and make an active effort to get that information into your brain.

Step 4 - Reboot

Once you’ve downloaded all the software it’s time to reboot your system. That can mean a number of things. You could decide to have a nap, take a bath, go for a run… Whatever gets you into the no-thinking zone is what you have to do now. You need to relax completely. You need to let go and just be.

Step 5 - Download Complete - Next Enlightenment Level Unlocked

This step comes naturally and you’ll know exactly when it has happened. It’s like your eyes open for the first time and suddenly you just intuitively know all the answers to the questions you’ve been asking. But this can only happen after the reboot. You need time to reconfigure your old software to fully appreciate the new information you’ve learned. SO don’t force this step. Just remain calm and let things unfold naturally.

Today’s message from Arielle is vitally important for your journey here on Earth. You have a mission. You aren’t here by chance. And to make the most of the time you’ve got it’s best to keep your spiritual software as up to date as possible.

It can be tempting to put off this process. But whether you’re actively taking part inn the download or not, this upgrade has already been scheduled. So don’t delay. Make the most of your upgrade and jump to a higher level of enlightenment. Instead of letting the upgrade run in the background - make an active effort to code the software in such a way that gives you the best results possible.

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