Archangel Yvonne - Animal Education to save the Planet 

Dogs are man’s best friend, so are cats and horses and rabbits and… you get the idea. People were put on this planet to look after animals, they are our charges while they are alive. But a lot of people aren’t educated on how to care for animals properly. Just have a look at the state of our ecology. Thousands of animals are dying on a daily basis and the only way to stop it is through proper education.

While Yvonne’s message today is one of hope for all the animals of the earth, those that are still alive and those that have sadly crossed over to the other side - her message should touch the heart and soul of every animal lover across the globe and implore us to take better care of those that have no voice to speak up about the injustices they have faced.

But even if those that love animals speak up for them, the news will not travel far, because most people remain uneducated in the art of caring for our furry, scaly and feathered friends. The sad reality is though, that without animals as part of our ecosystems our planet will die and become uninhabitable for us humans too. That’s why animal education should be at the very forefront of our fight against the dying planet.

Education leads to a better life for all

When you look at it that way it seems absurd that basic ecology isn’t part of every school’s curriculum. Some biology teachers try their best to teach their students about how biological organisms work together to sustain life for all, but this is usually just a couple of lessons. Then the “more important aspects of life” are discussed.

And yet, without these vital ecosystems our planet will die. Sir Divid Attenborough has spent his entire life trying to convey this point to anyone willing to learn. But unfortunately the education system has been so focused on technology and “the betterment of society” that it has missed this critical point - we need nature to survive.

A handful of people understand this. And they are the true educators of this earth. They are the teachers that go out of their way to make others understand the importance of animals.

As a fellow animal lover you can help these teachers to educate those around you. In fact, as Yvone says, you have a special bond with animals and as a result educating others about the importance of animals is probably part of your Divine calling. And the more people you can educate, the better life will end up being for everyone.

Doing your part to educate others

But how does one go about educating others about the importance of animals? Well it’s quite simple. Each and every animal lover knows at least something about animals. All you have to do is start talking to other people about what you know.

Sure, some people might start criticising you, but that just means you have hit a nerve. Deep down they know that they’re doing wrong, they might just not be ready to deal with it yet. So don’t push too hard. Every good teacher knows that when a student is ready they’ll come back with more questions. So the best you can do in those cases is not take the criticism personally.

But you’ll soon find that more and more people start listening to your advice. Especially if you’ve done your research. So make sure that you educate yourself on animals too. You can never know too much when it comes to saving our planet. So pick some of your favorite animal topics and start learning as much as you can about them. Not only will you enjoy studying more about the things you already love- you’ll also be able t strat teaching others more about animals too.

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