Archangel Uriel - Real Recovery 

Spiritual healing can help to heal more than just your soul. Archangel Uriel is here to help you overcome the tough emotional scars that have been plaguing you for your entire life. Take this time to recover from all the past trauma you have gone through - once you’ve recovered you’ll be ready to start a new chapter in your life.

This isn’t a fun time for you, but it’s very important that you take this time to recover. Even though you don’t realize it, your body has been going through a lot too. Your emotional scars have more of an impact on your body than you realize. That’s because we carry a lot of our emotional trauma in our bodies.

So every time you have a certain feeling or remember something that hurt you, you’re activating the part of your body that is affected by it. And for emotional wounds this is often associated with your heart. And what happens over time is that, in order to stop the physical discomfort, you avoid thinking about the emotional discomfort.

But in reality, in order to make a full recovery, you need to feel all those feelings. But recovery isn’t always easy.

The Painful Truth of Real Recovery

When you really want to heal your emotions you’re going to have to feel them. That doesn’t mean just thinking about all the times you were hurt in the past and justifying why you felt hurt and explaining your feelings away. Real emotional recovery requires you to feel those raw emotions. You need to allow yourself to feel hurt, neglected or whatever negative feelings you have.

Don’t try to explain them away. Your pain is valid. What you felt is okay. You can love yourself through this painful part by just allowing yourself to go through the grief and being okay with it. The more you can express the emotions you’ve been bottling up for so long, the more you will be able to let them go.

The sad fact of today’s world is that we are told to keep our emotions under control. And while that does help us remain relatively normal to other people, this is where we start creating a war with ourselves. If you get angry at something, but you never express that anger, you are just holding on to that anger. But if you find a healthy way to express that anger - by throwing things at a wall for example - you get to release that energy.

Finding your Recovery Groove

But there is more to true recovery than just expressing that initial emotion. Once you’ve expressed it, you should feel instant relief. But that isn’t magically going to heal all the habits you’ve formed over the years as you suppressed that part of yourself.

Years of denial can have an extremely toxic effect on your life - without you even realizing. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself going through a kind of emotional detox. Once you open the flood gates you’re going to see your life through new eyes. And you might not like what you see at all.

Remember that this isn’t you. You aren’t your bad coping skills or your denial. You are a human that’s just been trying to make the best of a bad situation. So go easy on yourself. Give yourself the time and space you need to truly heal all the deepest wounds.

Allowing love to Grow

The more you allow yourself to feel your feeling and love yourself despite the mistakes you’ve made, the more love you’ll be creating in your life. It’s a funny thing that we always get told to “just be more loving” or “take care of ourselves”, but rarely do people realize that it can be really messy when you start doing that

That’s because your shadow side is going to come out to play for a while. That part of you that you’ve been afraid of expressing is going to start having a bigger influence on your life. But the more you can find healthy ways of incorporating that into your life, the less of a nuisance your shadow is going to be.

We all have a dark side - because we’ve all been hurt. But learning to love your demons is the first step to making a full recovery and allowing love to flow back into your life. The process might be painful, and you’re sure to cry at least once. But don’t let the fear of feeling your emotions keep you from letting them go. Right now the only way out is through. But once you’ve managed to make it through the journey will be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life.

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