Archangel Uriel - Nutrition for the Soul 

Emotions are a funny thing. They fill us with all kinds of energy. From happiness to melancholy to sadness. They are what keeps us human. But our emotions serve a greater purpose too. They are like nutrition for your soul.

So what Archangel Urie’s message really means then is that you are not just healing your emotions, but you're starting a brand new healthy spiritual diet. As the old negative emotions transform into positive loving new ones you’re replacing the junk food that has been keeping you feeling weak and lethargic with healthy fresh food that’s giving you more energy than you’ve had in a long time.

To make the most of Uriel’s influence it’s a good idea to start focusing on more than just your emotions though. Actually changing your diet is a great way to make sure that your emotions heal faster. Our bodies are what produce our emotions, along with our thoughts and surroundings. If your body is malnourished it follows that your emotions will deteriorate too.

Using Nutrition to heal

It’s no secret that food can have a comforting effect on us. After all - it’s called comfort eating for a reason! But now it’s time to think about comfort eating in a different way. What if you started eating the things that you REALLY needed? What if you actually gave your body everything it needed to be healthy - so your emotions can heal even more.

But to do that you’re going to have to change your mindset to learn what comfort eating really means. But in the end you’ll be able to supplement poor nutrition that leaves you feeling empty all over again with food that’ll feed your soul.

Understanding Cravings

When we crave a certain type of comfort food our bodies actually crave a certain nutrient. More often than not nutrient deficiencies cause certain moods, so it follows that if you don’t replenish that nutrient you’re going to keep on craving the comfort food until you either get an emotional boost or replenish the nutrient somehow. So next time you’re craving comfort food have a look at the nutrients that make you crave the food and eat something that’s jam packed with that instead. You’ll start feeling better in no time!

Learn to listen to your gut

Your body, and your digestive system specifically, is like a sound-board for the emotions you’re going through. When your stomach feels knotted it means you’re upset and holding onto negative emotions. When your tummy gurgles it means you’re digesting your thoughts and emotions. When you’re hungry even though you’ve just eaten it means you’re missing something.

By learning to listen to what your actual gut is trying to tell you, you can learn to make sense of complex emotions. Once you can actually understand what you’re experiencing you can let go of it.

Eat rainbows and butterflies

Please don’t go eating real butterflies! But when you supplement your diet with foods from the entire color spectrum you’ll soon start to see what butterflies are being referred to.

The more wholesome foods your diet includes, the better you’ll start feeling. And those butterflies of hope and inspiration will start fluttering up through your body like they haven’t done in a long time.

When we start focusing on our physical nutrition our souls become happier and healthier too. Don’t let temptation get the better of you. You can change the way you feel about just about anything with the proper nutrition.

Plus, building a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy life. So don’t just try to focus on difficult emotions right now. By taking a holistic approach you’ll be able to heal more than just the surface emotions. Trust in the process. It might take time to get to the deeper scars, but once they’re healed you’ll never have to experience them again.

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