Archangel Serena - Accept this Generous Donation 

Serena is here with a brilliant message this morning - the Universe is ready to donate some much needed funds to you right now. Yes, you’re about to receive just what you need. But in order to benefit from this blessing you need to keep an open and loving heart.

When we’re afraid, anxious or stressed our thoughts become negative. And negative thoughts can keep you from seeing the donation you’re about to receive. It’s not that you need to be a happy, bright person all the time, but try to see the best in every situation. The more you can focus on the little blessings inherent in every situation, the more you will be able to find your way to the giant donation you’re about to receive.

Not only will you get some cold hard cash, but soon joy and abundance will flow into all aspects of your life. The Universe is ready to donate in a big way - and it could change your life forever.

About to Donate Some Thoughts...

Okay, yes you’re going to receive whatever money you need from a very generous sponsor in the not too distant future. You don’t have to worry about that - your angels have you covered.

But there’s more to this period than meets the eye.

Obviously getting the cash you need is going to put a smile on your face; a song in your heart… But what if you can make that happy feeling last? Well, there is a way to get a lot more value out of Serena’s message - and it all boils down to what we donate our thoughts to.

We’re not talking about emotions here. You can have negative emotions, but still maintain a positive mindset - without suppressing your emotions. It’s called emotion resolution. Let’s say someone has upset you. You’re sad, angry, slightly frustrated - possibly about to smash that person’s face into a wall so you can rearrange their thoughts a bit… Bottom line is, you are so caught up in your emotions that your thoughts are wrapped up in them.

Using thoughts to alter emotions

Getting so emotional that we forget to think happens to all of us. But this is where you can use your thoughts to make yourself feel better. We have this wonderful thing called a prefrontal cortex. It helps us make decisions. And you can decide which decisions are going to make you feel better.

Nope, you don’t just decide to feel better and voila! - all your negative emotions disappear.

You actually have to go through the effort of finding a solution to your problems. You have to work through your emotions. Why did this person make you angry? How were you making the situation worse? Why is this such a problem for you? Is it really their fault? What can you change to stop this from happening again? Will you tell the other person why you got angry? Why/ why not?

See, it’s like making up a strategy to deal with whatever you need to deal with. And by the end of this planning, you’ll feel more hopeful and determined to make life better for yourself.

Donating to Others

Of course it’s a lot better to keep other people in mind when you resolve emotions. If you don’t you run the risk of using other people. You probably have a very strict moral code when you’re looking at the actions of others. But how often do you look at the thoughts you have about others?

Imagining smashing someone’s face into a wall is sending very violent energy their way. You may think it’s harmless, but the world is made of energy, and your intent is more powerful than you think. So keep an eye on the energy you’re donating to others too, because what you cast out on the water is sure to return.

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