Archangel Serena - Financial Abundance Abounds 

Serena is here to let you know that your financial troubles are about to be a thing of the past. You’re about to get all the money you need in an unexpected way. But that doesn’t mean all your financial troubles are going to be solved. The fact that you had financial trouble to begin with means that it’s time to take a good hard look at how you go about taking care of your money - because Serena isn’t always going to be there to give you the financing you need.

So while you may be getting the money you desperately need right now - this is also a good time to start looking at how you’re financing your life. Are there any areas you can cut down on? Are there some assets you simply cannot afford anymore?

The sad reality is that a lot of us end up living beyond our means - not because we have lavish lifestyles, but because the world’s financial state is just that dire at the moment. Most young professionals are barely earning enough to keep a roof over their head - never mind afford luxuries.

But there are steps you can take to ensure that you always have enough money to get by - if not have all the abundance you have ever wished for. The key is just to start looking at finance differently.

Finance and Abundance

While money isn’t the only type of abundance it is definitely the topic of the day. So here are a few ways you can make sure you get the most out of the current influx of abundance.

Start Saving

This is the one thing we’re always told to do - save your money. It’s the first step to turning your finances around. The less you spend the more money you will have. But that might mean that you need to start saving your money instead. Once you have a good couple of bucks saved up you’ll have a lot more financial options.


This is the easiest way to make money. Whether you decide to invest long-term or short term, this is the one way to get your money to work for you with minimal effort. The thing is you need money to invest, which is why it’s such a good idea to start saving now that your financial situation is starting to improve.

Multiple Income Streams

Another way to make sure that you never run out of money again is to make sure that you have more than one way of making money. These days just having one job and thinking it’s enough to get you through is like living in a fool’s paradise. So start thinking about other ways you can start earning cash. Investments are a great way to do this, but things like opening a side hustle, starting a blog, or just becoming the middle man by buying and selling things for other people is an equally viable option.

Serena’s message today should come as a massive relief. But to make sure that you don’t fall back into the same patterns that landed you in this dire financial situation in the first place you are going to have to start taking responsibility for your spending.

Don’t let the thought that everything will be okay keep you from making better decisions. Yes, everything will be okay. But you have an amazing opportunity to really turn things around right now. But you’re going to have to step up and start taking action.

Whether that means starting a side hustle or just saving every penny you can, you do need to start doing something differently if you want to make future blessings from Serena even more fruitful. So get your thinking cap on. The time to turn your life around is now!

And once the money starts flowing in you’ll be able to focus more of your attention on the things that really matter. Money isn’t everything, but studies have shown that there is a base income level that actually makes people happier and now is your chance to reach that level.

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