Archangel Rosetta - Housing our Children 

Rosetta has a beautiful message for you today. Part of your purpose here on earth is to house the children of this world. It is one of the greatest honors to work with the beautifully naive minds of young humans. They see the world in a clear and simple way and often house some of the most profound yet plain insights into what it means to be human.

Their little minds and souls are at a stage where they are soaking up all the information they can find. From learning new words to making inferences through experience. And it is our job, as their teachers, to make sure they start building a healthy and happy home for their souls from a very young age.

Remember when you were young and you used to play house with your friends? Remember how you would imagine your future and everything your house and home would be like? How your family would look and where you would live? How your family would make you feel and how you would turn any sad day into a better one?

This ability to house future dreams in our imagination is something most people lose as they get older. But the more you can practice housing fondness and hope in your mind now, the more impact you will have on the little ones in your life.

Affordable Housing for the Future

Most adults, in their struggle to find their place in the world and start their own family, forget that housing our dreams and desires in the forefront of our minds is the most affordable way to get through life.

When we focus on the negatives it’s like we’re paying a mortgage on a home we don’t even own. But when we focus our thoughts on the amazing things we wish for the future it’s like we’re putting money away to buy the house of our dreams. There is a certain type of magic in the energy of our thoughts. And teaching the children of today this special idea is what’s going to make them feel more at home in their futures.

But how do you teach children to embrace their mental abilities and dream of affordable ways to house their dreams? The answer is simple:

Anything is possible if you truly believe

Let’s take this metaphor a step back. Imagine your mind is a house. And everything you add to it either makes it more or less expensive. So something like “I’d never be able to do THAT” is a very expensive thought. It detracts from your sense of self-worth and leaves you unempowered. On the other hand, an idea like “Oh that’s easy” is a much more affordable thought. It helps to build your house. It makes you feel empowered and ready to face the challenge.

The same is true for children. When we tell them things like “oh you’re going to have to work really hard to achieve that dream, you best start working now”, what we’re implying is that their dreams are extremely expensive. Which we may think they are. But who are we to say that their ideas won’t work for them.

On the other hand a simple comment like “that sounds amazing, I can’t wait to be there when you accomplish that” shows them that their ideas are affordable. That anything is possible. And in that way we make their house more affordable for them - we’re telling them they can afford to dream their dreams because they have all the say about their future; their home.

Be careful what you wished for

Obviously we’ve all had moments in life where things didn’t work out the way we had hoped, but don’t let that make you bitter. Housing the future of the children of today in an affordable way is the only way to ensure that they make the most of what they have to work with - because let’s face it, the future isn’t as bright as it once was and our children need all the help they can get.

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