Archangel Rochelle - The Energy you put in is the Energy you get out

Rochelle has shown up today to remind you that when your heart is happy you are happy. And the happier you are the better your life will be. It is one of the laws of nature - like attracts like. So the energy you put into the world is the energy you get out of the world. Thing is though, you have to work on your own energy first. You can’t change the world into a positive experience for yourself if you’re still carrying negative energy with you.

And at the same time, you won’t be able to fully appreciate the blessings Rochelle has in store for you if you are carrying around any of that negative energy. So it's time to start working on releasing the thoughts and energies that are no longer serving you. That way you can release all the negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you back from honoring and following your heart’s guidance to prosperity.

The Energy Signature of Prosperity

Prosperity comes to those who believe they are worthy of it. If you’re stuck with a lacking mindset you will not be putting the right energy out into the world. But it can be difficult to believe that what our hearts are telling us is the right path.

Oftentimes, when we voice our deepest desires, the people around us become naysayers. The ones we love the most dearly can do the most damage when they don’t believe in our heart’s desires. They’ll say things like “don’t waste your time and energy on that, it’ll never work” or worse “don’t you think that’s a bad idea”?

And their comments and concerns may be valid for them and their life experience. But in the end we’re all here to leave our own mark on the world. We aren’t meant to follow the dreams of others. We aren’t meant to be what other people expect of us - we’re meant to embrace the energy that ignites us; the things that bring us the most peace and joy.

So how do you deal with the doubts and judgements that keep you from following your dreams?

Become a livewire

Sometimes all you can do is live your truth. You need to just buckle down and do what gives you the most positive energy, despite what others say. They may become offended by your seeming need to ignore good advice - and in the worst cases they may even try to teach you a valuable lesson to prove their point - but don’t let that affect your purpose. Be a livewire that electrifies their negativity and lights it with sheer positive charge. If they truly love you they’ll come around in the end. If they don’t - maybe you’re better off without their stifling need to control you.

Power up

To become a true livewire you are going to have to find a power source that’s conducive to your own heart’s urges. This can take many forms, from spiritual practices to hobbies or even exercise. You need to find something that empowers YOU. Something that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Feeling empowered is one of the best ways to deal with those pesky naysayers that bring on self-doubt.

Believe in the power grid

Sometimes our fears are doubts are only amplified by the naysayers because we’ve forgotten that we’re a part of a much larger plan. We each have our own Divine purpose here on earth and our hearts are what lead us on the path to fulfilling our purpose. When we listen to other people instead of trusting in the Divine nature of our own intuition and experiences it’s because we’ve stopped trusting in the bigger scheme of things. So maybe it’s time that you start believing in the bigger powers behind your heart’s desires again by plugging back into the larger power grid that we’re all a part of. Somehow you will be an inspiration to others, so try to focus on that instead of how some people are pointing to you as a failure. You can access the power grid through prayer and meditation too.

Once you’ve turned on your energy and dialed it up as far as it will go Rochelle’s prosperous tidings will bring more blessings to your life that you can ever imagine. So trust in yourself. You are worth it. You have the power to succeed. Just follow your heart.s

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