Archangel Rochelle - Spiritual Cord Blood has been saved for You

The moment you were born your Guardian Angels saved a part of your Spiritual Cord Blood. But what is that even?

Well, before we’re born our souls are connected to the Divine in such a way that we know everything there is to know. We were all part of the infinite once. But the moment you’re born you forget this connection to the infinite. You forget the golden cord that connects you to the Divine infinite as you’re born new into this world.

At least you forget it on a conscious level, but your Guardian Angels saved some of that connection and that spiritual cord blood is still residing deep in your subconscious.

Learning to Access your Cord Blood

Your spiritual cor blood is still pulsing through your heart. It’s there in the feeling you get when something goes just the way you thought it would. It’s there in the feeling you get when you do something good. That connection is strongest when you’re following your divine purpose.

Follow the right feeling

When you’re following your spiritual cord blood - that connection to the divine infinite - you don’t just feel excited, you feel calm at the same time. It’s as if a deep knowing inside you awakens and you know deep in your soul that you’re doing the right thing.

On the other hand, when you’re just giving in to earthly temptations, you get the same kind of excitement, but you don’t feel the same sense of belonging and calm. That’s the biggest difference between following your human heart and following the heart that’s attached to the divine.

The cord to eternal life

When we follow our true cord blood we feel connected to the Divine. It’s almost impossible to put this feeling into words because the Divine is undescribable and all-encompassing. So if you can still describe your feelings, it probably means that you haven’t found that golden cord quite yet.

The new software may have been designed with you in mind. But as with everything in life, you have a choice. You get to decide which area of your life you want to apply this spiritual upgrade to. Do you want a more fulfilling career, friendships, romance, family life or just a better relationship with yourself?To make sure that you’re following your Divine heart and purpose, and attracting all the blessings and abundance you were born to receive, ask your Guardian Angels to help you discern between earthly temptation and your Divine right.

You are a child of the Divine creator and when you’re truly connected through your cord blood life becomes prosperous and abundant. So if you feel like you’re lacking in any way it’s time to reconnect with the Divine part of yourself and remind your soul of your true purpose. As soon as you can connect to the infinite on that level your path will become clear and you will want for nothing.

Trust the connection

That connection to the Divine can be so powerful that some people even doubt that it truly exists. The old saying that “if it feels too good to be true” might count on the physical plane, but when it comes to the Divine that is exactly the feeling that you’re looking for.

The thing is, it’s not too good to be true, the cord blood just makes your heart beat in such an indescribably fantastic way that it’s difficult to believe the feelings you feel exist. But allow yourself the opportunity to feel that Divine connection and trust in the process. The more you can connect to the divine and strengthen the flow of cord blood, the more prosperous your life will be. So breathe through any doubts and trust that your Guardian Angels will be there to guide you if you ever falter.

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