Archangel Opal - The Water of the Womb 

There is no bond like the bond between a mother and child. Something about the fact that an infant spends nine months inside their mother connects them through all of time. But if you really think about it it doesn make sense. Because water has a memory and while the infant is in the womb the mother and child share an intimate connection through the water of the womb.

Experiments with Water and Intent

It’s uncanny how well water can recall what has happened to it, including emotions. There have been numerous experiments where water has been exposed to certain intentions and then frozen. THe crystals created by the freezing process display certain patterns depending on the intent the water was exposed to. So for example water that has had loving intent spoken over it freezes in a beautiful snowflake form. While water that has been exposed to negative intent freezes in an awkward mal-formed shape.

The same thing happens when cooked rice is kept in a jar and left to ferment. Jars with hateful words on them turn rancid and mouldy, while the jars with loving words over them remain sweet and pure. But what does this have to do with motherhood and the water of the womb?

Forming a bond through water

So while the infant is in the womb the mother is constantly communicating with it through the water surrounding it. Loving intent not only sends loving hormones to the infant, but it also creates a loving environment through the water the child is surrounded by.

On the other hand, if the mother resents the child, the child can feel that hostility - not only through stress hormones, but also through the hostility of the vibrational quality of th water surrounding it.

Later, once the child is born, the quality of the water it experienced while in the womb is carried in their cells for the rest of their natural life.

But the bond between mother and child goes deeper than that.

Distance and transference

Molecules that have bonded, like the water bond shared by mother and infant, tend to form a life-long bond. Like twins - these molecules are highly likely to act the same way, even if they are separated by time and distance.

In fact, sharing the womb is one of the factors that makes twins so similar in their likes and dislikes. And it’s not uncommon to hear stories of twins knowing that something happened to their sibling even before anyone else did.

But the thing is, mothers and their children share that very same bond. Because a mother carries her child inside her for so long, there is a certain bond that forms. And if you believe in the unseen forces of the universe, that can mean that a mother always has the ability to communicate with her child, and vice verse.

So if you’re missing a child, or even a mother, right now, know that they can feel your emotions. Even if that person has passed on there is still a connection. If you’re struggling to feel the connection, ask your Guardian Angel to help you open up to this magical experience.

If your child is still alive, don’t be surprised if they suddenly call you a day or two after you start to feel that bond with them and infuse it with love and kindness. If your child has passed on, you can expect to see something like a feather, cloud or even something that reminds you of them specifically in the not too distant future.

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