Archangel Merlina - Get that Degree

There’s no such thing as knowing too much. Merlina is here to let you know that now is a critical time in your life. You are still naive in some aspects. You may have a basic education on a certain matter, but you definitely haven’t earned a degree yet. And even if you feel like you have - there is ALWAYS room to learn more.

Knowledge isn’t a stagnant thing. As our world and culture evolve, so too does our understanding of our experiences. So you may think you know more than enough about something. You may be under the impression that things will definitely go a certain way. But you’ll be surprised at how different things are going to turn out.

Now is the time to study every aspect of the situation at hand. You need to earn a degree in whatever is going on otherwise your naivety will let you down. You may not be inconvenienced too badly, but there is definitely a gap in your education on the subject.

Degrees are Useful

If you talk to anyone that has gone to University they’ll tell you that the actual subject matter didn’t really matter. In fact, they’ll probably add that most of it has changed by now anyway. But what they will tell you is that the experience changed the way they think.

The school system is largely based on rote learning. Application of knowledge is almost never tested. In other words, at school, you learn a bunch of stuff, but you never learn why it’s useful to know that stuff. You never learn to question the things you learn - in fact you often get punished if you ask too many difficult questions - unless your teacher is an absolute superstar.

So, the main thing a degree teaches you is to interact with knowledge differently. You learn to question it, apply it to your own life, test the results, consider all the possible factors that play a role - just like a scientist tests a theory.

Scientific Study

The act of studying never ends. A doctor may have almost a decade of higher education under the belt, but they still learn new things every single day. That’s because our understanding of the world is constantly evolving, and new things are happening in the world every day.

In fact, scientists are dedicated to keeping track of these changes and trying to explain new phenomena all the time. It’s their job. So if you think you know it all - the greatest minds on the planet will definitely disagree with you. They know that they don’t know everything - and that what they do know will probably become untrue in the not too distant future as the world moves on.

You don’t know everything. It’s impossible to know everything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to know more. Because the more you learn now, the more you’ll realize that things aren’t exactly as they appear.

Personal Analysis

It’s time to take a look within and see what beliefs you hold about the current situation. Which situations have been similar in thee past? What did you learn from those experiences? What did you wish you knew before it happened?

Once you know what your history is with the situation, compare all the ways this situation is actually different. This can be very difficult because we tend to focus on similarities between experiences to confirm that we remember our previous experience correctly. But this creates a karma trap - we become doomed to experiencing the same thing in the same way until we realize that each experience is actually unique.

And that’s the degree you need to focus on getting today. It isn’t so much about what you know, it’s about what you’re willing to accept about the situation and how you’re planning on approaching it. If you can use your discernment and intuition to the best of your abilities right now your naivety won’t get in the way. You need to be a little bit critical in your thinking now to make sure you don’t fall into a karma trap and repeat this same experience again in the future.

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