Archangel Isabella - True Electricity 

You feel like a live-wire at the moment, and for good reason - there’s a current flowing through your life right now and it’s switched on a lightbulb in your brain. Isabella is confirming that the electricity in the air at the moment is indeed a good thing.

No, it isn’t just you, there is definitely something brewing. The hair on the back of your neck is rising and it is a very good thing. If you can harness this energy in a positive and productive way your life can change in a flash.

But if you aren’t careful you can end up shocking yourself to the core. You need to be careful. With this amount of power coursing through your life. By staying in the eye of the storm you’ll be able to make the best of an already great situation though.

Isolate Yourself to keep the Electricity Contained

Electric storms can be big and spread out, or they can form supercells. A super-cell has much, much more power - more electricity to change the atmosphere. And that’s exactly what you need to try and be like right now.

If you isolate yourself and work on increasing your positive thoughts, your routine, and most importantly your determination you will be setting the stage for one of the biggest electric storms of your life.

And you know the best part? This storm has the potential to change everything for the better. But to really make the changes you want in your life - you do need to keep your energy safe right now. You can’t spread it out into all the areas of your life. You can’t tell just anyone about it. And you definitely can’t expect it to be a smooth ride.

Bursts of Lightning

Just like lightning flashes at random, so too do our personal energy levels. You can’t expect that your venture is going to be a steady change. This change is going to come with some bolts and jolts. You need to be prepared for times of dramatic progress and times of quiet suspense.

Exploring outside the safety of our comfort zone is never easy - but you do have one thing to fall back on: the knowledge that the Universe is behind you right now. Isabella’s message can serve as a kind of safety blanket whenever the storms of change start to scare you.

There will be rumbles. There will be times when you aren’t sure if your house can withstand the onslaught. But even then you need to remain positive. You have to remember that this is your life, your venture, and your dream waiting to come true.

Rolling Thunder

People are going to start noting your nergy pretty soon. You can’t keep that electricity contained all the time. And just like the rolling thunder gives an approaching storm away - your behavior is going to reveal that you’re making big changes.

But don’t let the fact that others can see what you’re doing make you feel like you have to tell them everything about your plans. This is very much a “wait and see” period. You need to work on maintaining your own positive thoughts - so spending time convincing the critics really shouldn’t be on your agenda right now.

Instead trust that the people who are noticing the approaching thunder will stick around for the miraculous electrical storm that’s currently building in your life. Besides that, you need to trust in the process too. The storm is still building, and even though you might feel like you’re about to burst with excitement you have a long way to go. Trust that the lightning bolt moments will come when you need them the most.

But most importantly trust yourself enough to take a breather in between those intense times. You need to rest. You need to restore your energy in order to remain positive. Because the more positive you are right now, the more electricity you’re going to build up. And that means you’ll just keep having more and more of those illuminating moments where everything just makes sense and you know exactly what to do to get exactly what you want.

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