Archangel Isabella - Damage Control 

We all face dark and dreary circumstances at times. Sometimes the storms of life leave us cold and broken. But Isabella’s message today is letting you know that it’s time for some damage control. Whether the storms of life have wrecked your home, career, finances or emotions, just know, things are about to turn around.

The damage may have been done, but when it comes to life sometimes we need a bit of adversity to keep us humble. When we face difficult circumstances we learn to create new meaning and we become even more grateful for the blessings that come our way after devastation wreaks havoc with the life we thought we wanted.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dreaming new dreams now. That’s what damage control is all about. And with Isabella’s wonderful message you can allow yourself to dream new dreams. But you’re going to have to let go of the damage in order to make room for the new blessings that are about to come into your life.

Demolishing the old to make room for the new

When our lives become damaged we often try to cling to the old broken parts of ourselves. We have a kind of sentimentality toward our past selves. Instead of letting the damaged bits go, we desperately cling to the idea that if we just keep holding on things will eventually fix themselves. But this is hardly ever the case

To make true progress and find real happiness we have to let go of the things that are damaged. There are a couple of ways you can go about it, but as you’ll soon see, almost all of them include some kind of surrender.

Patching it up

The Japanese have a beautiful tradition of fixing broken crockery with gold. They believe this adds to the value of the object. But the one that broke it is hardly ever the one to fix it. Instead the master goldsmith is the one to fix it. So in order to make something more valuable from the damage you’ve recently experienced you need to surrender your broken pieces to the Master Goldsmith. You need to give your problems to your Guardian Angel and ask them to help you repair any damages. Through Divine healing you will be transformed into a masterpiece. But that can only happen when you let go of what has been broken and you trust in the Divine to make you whole.

Creating something completely new

Of course you could surrender the old for something completely new instead. If the damage is too great it’s probably a good idea to ask your Guardian Angel to let go of whatever it is that is broken completely. This can be painful. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially if it’s saying goodbye to a part of yourself or your life that you have spent years building. But there is a sweet relief in the release too. And soon that void will be filled with the happy new beginnings Isabella has in store for you.

The thing is, to make the most of Isabella’s happy tidings you are going to have to let go of the damage in one of the two ways. If you keep clinging onto those broken parts you won’t make enough room in your life for the amazing new blessings that are being sent your way right now.

As she says herself, the timing is right. Something new is on its way. But you’re going to have to decide whether you want to embrace this new venture, or whether you’re going to cling to the sadness and despair of losing your old dream.

If you decide to let go of that damage and open yourself up to new, positive expectations you’ll be blessed with some of the most rewarding blessings you can imagine. But you will need to take that leap of faith and surrender your pain in order to heal enough to make the most of what Isabella has in store for you.

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