Archangel Fiona - Banking on your Advisors 

Fiona is asking you to be open to the guidance you’re receiving at this tim. Your spiritual bank account is looking a bit dubious at the moment and to make sure you get the health and wealth that is your birthright you’re going to need a crash course in proper money management and banking.

Yup, just like money flows in and out of our lives, so do our spiritual gifts and assets. And to make the most of what we receive we need to learn to manage what we have. We need a spiritual savings account as much as we need a physical one. In fact, Spiritual banking is one of the best ways to ensure that we feel secure in ourselves.

Banking Spiritual Growth

Every time we grow on the spiritual plane we create more wealth for ourselves. But this isn’t the same as real money. Spiritual wealth is much more precious. When we grow this type of bank account we are adding to our life-purpose and creating the type of wealth that really matters. Of course, the more wealthy we are on the spirtual plane, the easier it is to attract real wealth into our bank accounts. So, here’s what you can do to make sure that you’re banking everything you need to be abundant and wealthy of every plane of existence:

Open a savings account

First things first, as wth any financial endeavor - you’re goign to want to open a savings account. But when it comes to spiritual banking your savigns account is going to be filled with happy memories and good deeds. These are the things that will bring you feelings of abundance on a spiritual plane. So when you’re checking your bank balance, what you’re actually doing is looking at all the good things you’ve done and counting all the ways you’ve brought joy to others. That’s your Spiritual savings account.

  • Save every penny

    To fill your savings account you want to bank any loose change you can find. That means every tme you brought a smile to someone’s face, gave someone good advice, selflessly helped those less fortunate than you, and just generally acted like a good person. Each and every one of those can be deposited into your savings account.

  • Steer clear of debt

    So while good deeds add to your bank account, any bad deeds subtracts from it. The best way to make sure that you steer clear of using your spiritual credit card is to moitor your thoughts. Whenever you feel negative thoughts, memories or emotions start rising up inside you remember that you have the ability to control your mind. You can switch from negative to positive - all you need is a little bit of determination.

  • Listen to your advisors

    This is the crux of today’s message from Fiona - you need to be open to the advice from your Guardian Angels. They have been in the spiritual banking industry for much longer than you have and they know exactly how to manage your wealth and abundance. If you find yourself on the edge, about to spend more than you can afford, ask them for their help and advice. Unlike real financial advisors, your Guardian Angels aren’t going to ask for anything in return, so it would be a big mistake not to take them up on their offer.

Spiritual banking is a lot more forgiving than real llife banking. As long as your intentions remain pure you won’t be able to make debts. But that shouldn’t hold you back from banking with your Guardian Angels. They were sent to guide and protect you for good reason. And they’re always there waiting to give you advice.

But like Fiona says, you’re going to have to learn to bank on them if you want to make the most out of your current situation. So be open to their advice and let them help you fill your bank account with all the love, abundance and positivity that’s awaiting you - all you need to do is be open to receiving their guidance.

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