Archangel Daniel - Food for Thought

Daniel is the Angel of Marriage, but not all marriages have to be of the romantic sort. Sometimes we’re married to our lifestyle, our work, our families, or even our friends. In this instance marriage points to deeper relationships and bonds that transcend the normal everyday interactions we have with people and situations. But here’s some food for thought…

Marriage can be the ultimate source of sustenance. When we’re married to something or someone we find a lot of useful energy in that bond. On the other hand we can also find a lot of rotten spots - especially within ourselves. When you see this happening in your marriage, whether it’s the traditional one or the less conventional idea of marriage - you need to take a look at the rotten spots and digest your own emotions.

But how do you find the rotten spots on your food? It’s actually easier than you think…

Check the expiry date

These days most food comes with an expiry date. That doesn’t mean that when you find a rotten spot in your relationship you should just chuck it out. No, this type of expiry date is all about your own emotions and the triggers that make you feel rotten inside. When you get that niggly feeling that something is off, take a look at what’s making you feel that way - is it a current issue? Or is it something from your past that’s making you feel that way now? If an issue has expired there’s no point in dragging it back into your life now.

Double check your fresh produce

One type of food that doesn’t always come with an expiry date is fresh produce. For this type of sustenance you do need to have a closer look at the fruits and vegetables themselves. Are there any rotten pieces or spots? And if so, can you cut them out and still use the bulk as sustenance for your soul? In marriage you have to remember that nobody and nothing will ever be perfect. But just because there are a few bad spots doesn’t mean it isn’t still healthy and good for you.

You will however need to decide if you can deal with those bad spots, or if they’re going to ruin the whole fruit. Are you going to find an apple that’s rotten to the core when you cut it open? Or are these just superficial bumps and bruises that don’t detract from the overall nutritional value?

Prepare a meal with lots of love

This is the biggest thing when it comes to maintaining a good marriage. You need to prepare whatever you’re given in such a way that it’s tasty. You need to find a recipe for a meal you love, make sure you have all the right ingredients, and then take care to prepare the food. You need to take time to let it cook. You need to add all the right herbs and spices to make it yummy…

So if your marriage isn’t tasting too great at the moment, look at the way you’ve been preparing it. Have you been adding the time, love and consideration you need to mae it a great meal? Is the food you have nutritious and fresh? Are you doing everything you need to do to make it great? Or are you expecting the sausage to jump into the pan all by itself?

A lot of people fail to realize that a good marriage takes hard work. They expect things to just fall into place effortlessly. And while having someone or something in your life that nourishes your soul does help to make the process easier, it by no means takes the effort our of preparing your favorite meal. Unfortunately there are no fast food joints when it comes to marriage. You’re going to have to prepare that dish in your own kitchen.

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