Archangel Caressa - Surrender your Medical Needs

Caressa has the perfect name. Her caressing words are like a salve that can take care of all your medical needs. Imagine there was a single pill you could swallow that will take all your pain and discomfort away - leaving you healthy and ready to face life with new vigor.

Well that’s exactly what you can achieve if you take Caressa’s message to heart. She’s saying that whatever has recently come to pass in your life is drawing to an end now. So if you have been feeling pain and anguish, it’s time to take care of your health and well-being before you start the new cycle. It’s time to find the message in the madness and learn your lesson so the next cycle of your life can start to unfold.

By calling on your own medical professional of course!

Your Guardian Angel can take care of All your Medical Needs

Just like a primary care physician takes care of their patients, your Guardian Angel has been assigned to you to take care of you. They know your entire history - they have been by your side since the moment you were born, watching over you and guiding you through life. But now it’s time to look at your spiritual medical history a bit more closely.

While you’ve been going through this last energy cycle it probably felt as though you were fighting off some or other medical condition. In fact, it’s very likely that you got ill on the physical plane as you were dealing with some spiritual issues. It’s very common for our spiritual problems to manifest in this way.

But instead of just dealing with your physical symptoms by going to a doctor (which you really should do, especially if you’re very ill), you can also ask your Guardian Angel to help you overcome whatever you’re facing right now. Each medical condition is rooted in an emotion, and each emotion is rooted in a spiritual experience you need to release.

If you’ve been struggling with specific medical needs, here are some of the spiritual aspects you need to focus on healing to overcome physical illness:

  • Coughs, colds and flu

    We tend to get sick with seasonal respitory infections when we aren’t being true to ourselves. Mucus and phlem are linked to unspoken wants and needs. If you’ve been struggling with a blcked nose or a cough that just won’t go away ask yourself what you have been holding back. Once you’ve identified the problem, you can ask your Guardian Angel to help you find te words to express your wants and needs. You’ll be surprised how quickly your airways clear up once you’ve expressed yourself clearly.

  • Physical aches and pains

    This can be anything from a sore back to a real injury. When we hurt in real life it means we’re hurting ourselves on the inside. To figure out what part of yourself you’re suppressing or denying look at the body part that hurts. If it’s an aching back it could mean you’re carryig the weight of the world on your shoulders; stubbing your toe could mean you’re off balance and not looking where you’re heading in your spritual work. Cutting your finger means you’re sabotaging your own deeds in some way. A sore stomach means you need to take time to digest what’s been happening to you.

  • Other less obvious conditions

    Each medical need is rooted in a spiritual dilemma of some sort, but listing them all here is near impossible. If you need medical attention for soemthing that hasn’t been mentioned you can always your Guardian Angel for insight into what spiritual aspects you need to heal before this cycle ends. They will now exactly what your medical need mean and what you can do to help yourself heal.

    To get the most out of the next eenergy cycle you want to be as healthy as possible, soo don’t put this off. Caressa has shown up to make it abundantly clear that there is still some work left to do, but don’t forget that happiness is just around the corner - so make the most of this time and heal everything that needs healing so you can enjoy what’s oon the horizon without any problems stadning in your way.

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