Archangel Aurora - Lawyered

You’re feeling on top of your game right now. Everything is going your way and you couldn’t be happier. The only snag is that the people close to you are starting to feel threatened. Like the opposition in the courtroom they see you’re onto something good. But they want to bring up any and every defense to prove you wrong.


Because you know what? This time IS different. This time you are doing your absolute best and it’s paying off. And while you could stand around defending yourself against those pesky naysayers that are trying to throw you off your game - you really shouldn’t bother. You’ve already won this case.

But that doesn’t mean you should get ahead of yourself either. Because the jury is still out on this one. A bit of humility at this point in time can really go a long way toward truly inspiring others. And if you want the best verdict, now’s your chance to make the best case.

Actions, not Words!

In the real world we don’t always get the luxury of standing in a courtroom and pleading our case to a largely unbiased crowd. No, real life is a lot more intense than that. We have to deal with comments and insights from people we love and trust. And this can throw us off our game - especially if those comments aren’t in line with our vision for ourselves and our life.

But there’s one way to work around this. Stop talking and start doing.

If you’ve been facing opposition from someone at this point in your life don’t waste your breath trying to convince them with words. It’s time to create some cold hard evidence that proves them wrong.

Pick your Witness

Of course you don’t want to go at this all alone, but be careful which witness you pick. Some people will always want to be better than you. And if they feel you’re threatening them they can pretend to be your best friend only to turn on you when it’s judgement time.

So make sure your confidant is someone you trust - someone that has proven themselves as loyal in the past. Having someone with you while you work hard to achieve your goals can be just what you need to exceed even your own expectations.

Never Break Confidentiality

At this point in time you are representing yourself. And while you may have a few people on your side helping and supporting you, you do need to remain true to yourself. You need to be so confident in what you want to achieve that you don’t feel the urge to over-explain

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