Archangel Michael - Royal Treatment

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Today Archangel Michael is here to give you some royal treatment. He’s come to give you the strength, courage and endurance you need to reach your truest potential. So you can look forward to some ego boosting and inspirational events that will make you feel like you’re getting the very best treatment.

But accepting this gift from Michael will require that you feel worthy of such lavish treatment. We often deny the gifts from Angels because we believe we aren’t good enough to be treated like royalty. But the truth is each and every one of us has a gift and a purpose we’re here to fulfill.

The key to fulfilling that purpose is to accept the royal treatment and realize our own worth.

Treat Yourself Right

All the spiritual folks have it right when they emphasize the importance of self-care. In order to accept this Divine treatment from Archangel Michael and all the other Angels looking after you, you need to learn how to treat yourself with the respect and love you deserve.

But true self-care is not about luxurious baths and mani-pedi days. Nope. It’s about taking care of your emotions, body and day to day habits in such a way that you feel truly loved.

It isn’t always easy to remember to take care of and treat yourself right though. So here are some pointers for those that are struggling to get to grips with this type of treatment.

Treating your Body Right

Taking care of our body is vitally important to living a healthy and long life. This boils down to more than just keeping yourself clean and well groomed. It also includes things like exercise, diet and even taking the time to improve your self-image by practicing positive body image techniques.

Your body is an amazing piece of biology. And with the right care and treatment it’ll give you all the confidence and energy you need to make the most of the royal treatment Michael is bringing into your life at present.

Learning how to Treat Emotions

Emotions are an interesting part of the human experience. We can be overwhelmed by emotion - it can make us happier or sadder than ever. And if we aren’t careful our emotions can start ruling our lives - especially when we suppress them or feed into them too much.

But with the right approach we can learn to let our emotions flow naturally and let them go as soon as the time is right. Being in touch with your emotions and checking in with yourself on a daily basis can help you learn your own emotional triggers and cycles. Once you understand how your emotions work you can start to do what you need to feel safe and secure in any situation.

Habits - the Blessing in Disguise

When you think about treating yourself right you don’t necessarily think about forming healthy habits. After all, healthy habits are a result of treating yourself with respect, right?

Well yes and no. When we force ourselves to adopt healthy habits like forming a proper sleeping pattern or a good work ethic even when we don’t feel like we’re worthy of doing better we’re teaching ourselves that we are worth it.

By treating yourself with respect and remaining diligent even when you don’t feel worthy you’re telling yourself that you actually are worthy. You do deserve the best.

And once you’ve mastered the art of treating yourself right - with the respect and love that is your birthright - you’ll be more than ready to receive the royal treatment Archangel Michael is bringing your way.

But the one Angel you can always count on to have you covered is your very own Guardian Angel. So make sure to take your concerns about the future to the Angel that is closest to you. They know you better than anyone and will be able to show you how insured you already are.

The two of you have a tight bond that helps you communicate openly and honestly with yourself. This might be just what you need to unlock your full potential and embrace the unique gifts you were given.

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