Archangel Maya - Time to Take some Classes

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Maya has shown up with a very important message today. It’s time to further your studies to keep on growing towards your life’s purpose. But not all lessons happen in the classroom. In fact our most important lessons happen when we aren’t actively studying. And maybe that’s exactly what Maya is here to tell you today.

Maybe the classes that are being referred to today are actually life lessons rather than education in the traditional sense. But these real-life classes are no less worthy of being termed educational.

How do you know where your next big lesson is going to come from? And what about the tests and exams that are designed to see how far you’ve come with your lessons?

It can be difficult to figure out exactly what you should be learning at this time. But that’s what your Angels are there for. Maya has made that part clear. If you’re still having trouble with the process of discovering what you should be learning, here are some pointers.

Repetition leads to Recognition

When you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over you can be sure that there’s a lesson in there for you to learn. We repeat the same negative cycles over and over until we resolve the issue and learn our lesson. In other words, if the same thing has been happening to you over and over - and you keep reacting the same way - it’s time to take a deeper look at the cause of the situation and the reason you repeatedly react the same way.

It’s very easy to become caught in a reaction loop without even realizing it. But when you learn to recognize your repeating patterns you can start to learn how to rectify any negativity that causes, becomes part of, or results from a particul repeating pattern.

Once you’ve mastered this class you’ll pick up on your own patterns and nip them in the bud before they lead you astray.

Cultivating Confidence

Unlike formal tests and exams, the tests in life-classes are more like unprepared pop-quizzes. They jump up on you from nowhere. And at that point in time it can feel like you’re completely alone.

Besides the fact that you should remember that teachers are silent during tests, you should also try to remember that you won’t be tested on something you aren’t prepared for.

So while you may feel like you know nothing at the time - deep down you know everything you need to know to ace the class. With that knowledge you should be able to build your confidence to the point where no test becomes too difficult.

Real School

Of course the possibility is always there that Maya is actually referring to formal education. You may want to study something at this time to further your life’s work. And if that’s the case now is the perfect time to find a course and enroll.

Whether it’s a practical course like an apprenticeship or one that takes more mental work - now is the perfect time to invest in your future by furthering your studies in a specific field.

Don’t forget that spiritual and religious study can also be referenced here. If you’ve been feeling drawn towards these types of studies it’s wise to consult your spiritual or religious leader for advice on what it is you should be studying. If you don’t have this type of leader in your life yet ask your Angels to show you the way to finding your mentor.

Whatever your current situation is, your Angels are right there by your side ready to help you find the right classes for you at this point in your life, so don’t hesitate to ask for their guidance if you’re feeling lost.

Habits - the Blessing in Disguise

When you think about treating yourself right you don’t necessarily think about forming healthy habits. After all, healthy habits are a result of treating yourself with respect, right?

Well yes and no. When we force ourselves to adopt healthy habits like forming a proper sleeping pattern or a good work ethic even when we don’t feel like we’re worthy of doing better we’re teaching ourselves that we are worth it.

By treating yourself with respect and remaining diligent even when you don’t feel worthy you’re telling yourself that you actually are worthy. You do deserve the best.

And once you’ve mastered the art of treating yourself right - with the respect and love that is your birthright - you’ll be more than ready to receive the royal treatment Archangel Michael is bringing your way.

But the one Angel you can always count on to have you covered is your very own Guardian Angel. So make sure to take your concerns about the future to the Angel that is closest to you. They know you better than anyone and will be able to show you how insured you already are.

The two of you have a tight bond that helps you communicate openly and honestly with yourself. This might be just what you need to unlock your full potential and embrace the unique gifts you were given.

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