Archangel Crystal - Get your Degree in Positivity

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Crystal is the bringer of good news. There is definitely something good coming your way soon. And this message in itself should fill you with hope to some degree.

But what about the times that Crystal isn’t there? Those times when all hope seems to be lost can be devastating. But there is a way to overcome even the most difficult of times and it involves getting your degree in positivity.

What is the Positivity Degree?

It might be called the Positivity Degree, but it’s more than just flipping a switch in your mind and suddenly you’re positive.

In order to be positive in your everyday life you need to learn certain skills. Two of the most important skills have already been mentioned;


When we carry hope in our hearts it’s easier for us to let go of negativity. For example, when something stops you from doing what you want to do you may find that you start doubting yourself. But if you have hope that you will still get a chance to do what you want to do, then you can let go of the situation that kept you from doing what you want.


Faith is an important part of the Positivity Degree and follows from hope. When you hope something will happen you are actively thinking about it. But when you start having faith, that’s when you trust that something will happen so much that it feels as if it’s already happened.

There are x more modules in the Positivity Degree;

Divine Timing

Going back to the example; imagine something happened that kept you from doing what you wanted. You’ve hoped for another chance to do what you want to do, and you have faith that an opportunity will come along. The next step in the Positivity Degree would be to trust in Divine Timing.

It’s always comforting to remember that when things don’t work out the way you’d hoped it’s probably because something better is on its way. Your Guardian Angel is constantly working to give you the best in life, and sometimes they change the order of things a bit to give you better opportunities.

Which brings us to the final module:

Trust Your Guardian Angel

This is possibly the most difficult part of the Positivity Degree. Here you need to put your faith in a being other than yourself. It can be very difficult, because most of us like to have at least some form of control over our lives.

Of course trusting your Guardian Angel whole-heartedly doesn’t mean giving up on your hopes and dreams - it just means taking your hopes and dreams to them and then trusting that they will lead you on the path that’s right for you.

To graduate with a Positivity Degree it’s essential that you master the final module. When you don’t trust your Guardian Angel wholeheartedly it’s very easy for doubts to start creeping in.

There is no such thing as smooth sailing

Sure, being positive does make life a lot easier. And it also makes life a lot more enjoyable - because you’re so focused on the blessing in your life. But that doesn’t mean everything is going to be smooth sailing once you’ve earned your Positivity Degree.

There will still be ups and downs. The only difference is that you’ll be better equipped to deal with the lows and appreciate the highs more with what you’ve learned in the degree.

By working through the modules and applying what you’ve learned you’ll not only have hope and faith by your side like Crystal wants. You’ll also be so sure that things are going the way that will bring about the best for you that you’ll have no option but to be positive in the long run. Do keep in mind that being positive doesn’t mean you’re always happy and smiling. You’re allowed to get angry or sad. The difference is that with the degree you’ll go back to being peaceful and content faster than without it.

But the one Angel you can always count on to have you covered is your very own Guardian Angel. So make sure to take your concerns about the future to the Angel that is closest to you. They know you better than anyone and will be able to show you how insured you already are.

The two of you have a tight bond that helps you communicate openly and honestly with yourself. This might be just what you need to unlock your full potential and embrace the unique gifts you were given.

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