Archangel Chantall - Electricity Ignites your Soul

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Chantall is here to spread the love today. She’s bringing tidings of romance and joy. But there’s an interesting lesson in her message today. Love can be likened to an electric current that flows between two people. In order for the current to flow, there needs to be a solid connection between them. They need to be switched on to each other’s needs. And most importantly they need to be open to the flow of energy between them.

A lot of relationships end up failing because there is some kind of resistance standing in the way of their love for each other. This resistance interrupts the powerful currents of love between them. This can cause anything from some heated moments, to sparks and even a full blown fire.

But when the electric passion is flowing effortlessly between two people it’s as though the world ceases to exist. We feel safe and heard; appreciated and understood. This can have an amazing effect on us on both a physical and spiritual plane.

Love has the power to heal - our deepest wounds can be filled with light and power if we keep the current flowing freely.

Creating a Positive Charge

In order to ensure we keep the current flowing between ourselves and our loved one we need to balance ourselves. Electricity flows from positive to negative. That means that if your partner is having a negative moment, you can flood it with positivity to keep the current flowing between the two of you.

Here are some ideas of how you can keep the spark alive between you even when it feels like the power is out:

Flip the Switch

Sometimes it’s as easy as deciding to turn off the negativity and turn the positivity back on. When we don’t let the little things get the better of us we’re free to focus on what’s really important - building a stronger bond.

Short the Circuit

Every couple falls into certain patterns. While these patterns help us to get to know one another it can also lead to stagnation and even boredom. But when we decide to shake things up and try a different route we are shorting out the boredom and stagnation and creating sparks - the good kind, that can get you out of any relationship rut.

Switch the Bulb

When there’s a good amount of electricity flowing between two people you can see the relationship light glowing from a mile away. But sometimes that light dims to a dull flicker. That’s when it’s time to start looking at the relationship in a new light. When we change our perspective it can change the entire flow of our relationship.

Electrify your Soul with some Shock Treatment

Some of us find it difficult to let our guard down enough to actually enjoy our relationships. We’re constantly stressed about everything that could go wrong, so we don’t allow ourselves to feel the joy and passion that comes with a new romance.

The best thing to do in cases like this is to immerse yourself in the relationship so completely that the shock of it overpowers your logical mind. This type of shock treatment can break down even the toughest walls and let the power of love flow freely.

And we all know that when love flows freely our souls ignite and life becomes wondrous in ways we never thought possible.

So allow the current of love to flow freely in your life and light all those you come into contact with. The less resistance you give to your own loving energy, the more likely you’ll be to attract the partner that’s going to ignite your soul and make your wildest dreams a reality.

But the one Angel you can always count on to have you covered is your very own Guardian Angel. So make sure to take your concerns about the future to the Angel that is closest to you. They know you better than anyone and will be able to show you how insured you already are.

The two of you have a tight bond that helps you communicate openly and honestly with yourself. This might be just what you need to unlock your full potential and embrace the unique gifts you were given.

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