Archangel Azure - Beware of Mortgage

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It’s best that you heed Azure’s wisdom today. Good things are definitely on their way to you - but you HAVE to be patient. In this case it’s better not to bet on something you aren’t sure of. Basically, making a hasty investment with your time or energy right now is only going to leave you with a hefty mortgage to pay off.

If you bide your time and let things happen naturally it’s bound to pay off in the long run. But if you bite off more than you can chew you’re going to choke. Just like buying a house you want to make sure you get exactly what you paid for, and don’t end up paying the price for making a quick decision.

The Monopoly of Life

If there’s one thing that Monopoly should have taught you as a child it’s that the future is always uncertain. You can decide if you want to take risks or play it safe. Both ways have their merits, but both also have certain pitfalls. And right now Azure is urging you to play it safe. Because you remember making huge amounts of mortgage in Monopoly and then ending up losing the game because you were too greedy. That's exactly what could happen right now.

There is a Time and Place for Mortgage...

Obviously if you really want something you’ll consider all of your options. One of these options would be to give it everything you’ve got. Someone with this approach is very likely to quit their job and pursue a new venture at the drop of a hat - no savings, no plan B. And with great risk comes great reward.

You need to believe in yourself a whole lot to be able to pull something like that off. It can be a bit like putting a deposit down on a $1million home, but you’re still an intern. And that totally works for some people. It gives them the drive they need to make their dreams a reality.

If you function well with this type of attitude there’s nothing wrong with it. Investing in your future isn’t a bad thing.

...but now isn’t it!

Unfortunately, there’s a very big chance that you’re going to run into some trouble if you invest more than you can afford in the long run. The truth is you don’t know what the future holds yet.

You need more time to take a look at how things are unfolding in your life. You need to see what you can afford. Are you ready to invest in a mansion? Or should you rather be looking at a nice house in a good neighborhood?

Now is definitely the time to start looking for good opportunities, but don’t make your down payment until you know it’s a sure thing. Because when it comes to the type of mortgages you could be adding to your life right now, it’s definitely better to know that it’s a sure thing. If you force yourself into a precarious situation you are going to end up paying the price.

Life really is a lot like Monopoly. But unlike Monopoly, it isn’t just a game. And a big gamble may pay off sometimes. Azure is just trying to warn you that even though that might have worked for you in the past, it probably won’t work that well right now. So just be patient. Your time to shine will reveal itself in due course.

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