Archangel Athena - Lawyer of Love

You are a powerful lawyer of love. You spread loving kindness by standing up to injustice and Athena is reminding you of your superpowers. You can turn any situation around with your compassionate understanding. You’re always advocating for peace. You know exactly what this world needs and you embody it in everything that you do.

But you haven’t been very proactive about your talents lately. You’ve been a bit quiet to be honest. You’ve been standing up to the injustice you see in your everyday life. But for the most part you’ve been turning a blid eye to te larger social injustices that permeate our society.

For example you may shake your head at a co-worker when they make an inappropriate comment and explain to them that it isn’t a good idea to say stuff ike that in the workplace - but you fail to address the larger cause of the comment. Your voice is very powerful right now though. So it really is time to start making it heard in a larger capacity.

Suit Up

It’s time to start tackling the issues behind the issues. As a lawyer of love it is your duty to look for the reasons people behave in certain ways. For the most part, people don’t just acti in whatever way because they are bad people. They act in a certain way because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to do.

Our environments play a large role in our development. We learn what’s right and wrong from our elders as we grow up. And if they thought something was appropriate, we tend to think so too until we’re confronted about it.

But even our elders don’t truly understand why they deemed some things appropriate and others not. Human culture has evolved of millenia. In other words, we can only theorize as to why it’s more culturally appropriate to hide our pain or act a certain way in order to be accepted.

Think like a Lawyer

A lot of the things that are seen as culturally inappropriate now were the cultural standards a hundred years ago. And the taboos from the 1900's are being openly discussed now. This leaves a large grey area on what a lawyer of love should actually be doing.

Should you stand up for someone’s gay rights, or address their systemic racism? Should you help your promiscious colleage pursue her dream of becoming a sex worker?

Your answers will largely depend on your own personal biases. But here’s a trick you can learn from real lawyers - your biases don’t matter. Your morals and opinions shouldn’t influence the way you love someone.

Standing up to Injustice

But then the question is, how do you stand up to injustice? If you have to love everyone and accept everyone as they are, how do you even identify something that isn’t the way it “should” be?

The answer is simple. You accept the other person’s idea of justice. This can work very well in certain situations. For example if your black friend doesn’t get promoted even though they are a better asset to the company than the boss’s niece - you can support your black friend if they have a problem with it.

But supporting that black friend by going behind their back and reporting the incident to HR really isn’t being a lawyer of love - it’s being a devil’s advocate. But you could always make an anonymous post about it online to raise awareness. We all choose the way we deal with our lives. You need to honor the people you represent. But you can always use your experiences to unravel more of the real issues that are wrong with the world in a way that doesn’t directly affect the people that trust and love you.

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