Archangel Astra - Stop Trading yourself In

Astara is here to remind you that you’re worth more than you realize. Instead of an old hunk of junk car, you’re actually a vintage masterpiece in mint condition. You’re a valuable commodity. But you keep trading your own time and effort in for little to no compensation.

Why do you keep selling yourself short? You really do deserve the best, but you keep compromising on your own ideals in favor of others. You may think this makes you a more generous and better person in general, but really - it doesn’t

All you’re doing when you trade in your dreams in favor of the dreams of others is teaching them that you don't value yourself. You are teaching them that it’s okay to put you second - because you keep putting yourself second. But you can change all that by embracing your own worth and starting to believe in the value of your own dreams.

Trading Vintage Cars

Vintage cars are a hot commodity. Enthusiasts will spend millions on their favorite thing in the world - not to mention the fact that they spend hours taking care of their baby. One spot of dust and the whole thing needs to be wiped down and polished.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that same care and attention devoted to you? Wouldn’t it be nice to be lavished with affection? And truly valued just because you’re you?

Vintage cars really have no use except to look nice. You’re more useful and entertaining than an old car aren’t you? Well then, it’s time to start trading yourself up. Sure you may not feel like you’re worth much right now. But you just need a little TLC. After all, there was a girl that traded a bobby pin until she ended up with a car. So even if you don’t feel like you could be something valuable right now - there is hope!

Learning to Trade Up

One way of reversing the negative effects these self-sabotaging belief patters have on our lives is by starting the process of reverse osmosis.Astara is here to remind you that you are valuable and you deserve your dreams. But this isn’t going to happen overnight. You are going to have to start from where you are and trade up as much as you can.

The type of trading you do will depend on you as a person, what your current situation is, and what your dreams are. It is going to take some planning. And it’s definitely going to take some time.

To start, think of the worst thing in your life right now. Maybe it’s your job, or your relationships, or your house, or maybe even your car… how do you wish that thing could be different? Maybe your dream is to live off passive income oneday. Maybe your dream is a new house or car. Or maybe you want to have a happy home because you truly value the simple things in life.

Now, how can you trade the thing you don’t like for something that’s more like your dream?

Deciding on the Tradeoff

There are some facts of life we just can’t avoid. We do need money - unless you’re prepared to go completely off the grid and live the truly simple life. We do need other people in our lives - unless you’re prepared to do everything yourself, you are going to have to rely on them in some ways. And we do need a purpose.

Your dream should be based on what your purpose is. And your trade offs should bring yur closer and closer to the ideal balance between money and relationships. So if you’re looking for a better jb, for example, you should look for something that gives you purpose, where you feel you belong, and that covers your expenses. Don’t let money be the final deciding factor though. Often times you’ll do a lot better for yourself when you’re doing something you enjoy doing. The same goes for relationships. The more comfortable you are, the happier you can be, and the more you’ll see your own worth. And once you start increasing your feelings of self-worth, the easier it will be to get what you really deserve out of life.

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