Archangel Akasha - The spiritual world health organization needs YOU

Akasha has come with a very important message for you. You are a spiritual healer and teacher and it’s up to you to help make a difference in the world. Just like the World Health Organization has members that help people from all over the world, Akasha is calling on you to start using your gifts to heal others.

There is, in fact, a type of spiritual World Health Organization too. A network of Angels and spirit guides are spread across the globe and at the moment they are calling on all lightworkers and healers to use their powers to help heal what has been damaged, lost or broken on this plane of existence.

But in order to become a part of this unique organization and start to heal humanity you need to be aware of what’s actually going on in the spiritual realm at this point. There is a mass awakening happening and it’s taking a bit of a strange turn.

The Spiritual WHO’s role in Awakening

While it is true that everyone has a spiritual gift and we’re all special there’s an increasing prevalence of false prophets at the moment. People are claiming to be awakened and enlightened and what have you, but in reality what’s actually happening is that a mass delusion is being created.

As life becomes increasingly convenient people are becoming lazier and lazier. IQ’s are dropping, especially in more developed countries, and as a result critical thinking is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. And suddenly we see people who believe they are awakened popping up all over the place.

And because everyone has become so focused on love and light, if you have anything to say about someone’s dubious actions there is a torrent of retorts stating that those that are truly awakened are tolerant and would never question the motives of others. But that’s just ignorant. Of course being awakened doesn’t mean that you blindly accept everything that you’re told. Because that’s exactly how the false prophet will rise and take over the world.

The viral “false prophet” infestation

Spirituality has indeed gone viral. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But with so many conflicting beliefs and ideologies floating around who can tell the good from the bad? And more importantly, how do you, a spiritual WHO representative, go about telling those that are putting up a facade that they need to go back and re-evaluate what they are doing?.

Well, dear one, that’s exactly why YOU have been chosen as a WHO worker for the spiritual realm. You are awakened on some level and you can see who is truly awakened to their gifts and who is just feeding into the false powers that are trying to take over the world. Like a virus there are still evil forces at play and just because everyone is parading as a saint does not mean we should forget about the prophecy that a false prophet will appear. And at this time it looks like there are more false prophets than real ones.

The spiritual WHO MO

But you can help. Deep inside you you have the gift of discernment. And you can use this gift to tell who’s following their true calling and who’s just being led astray. But the spiritual world health organization wants you to use this discernment in a different way too.

They want you to help those who have been led astray back to the path of light and true awakening. That’s the real message Akasha has for you today. You have done the shadow work and faced your own ego - so you know what true awakening is all about. You know how difficult it is to discern between your own ego drives and the true meaning of helping others. This is a valuable gift in this day and age.

So it’s your duty to help those around you learn how to become truly awakened. But if you’re still having doubts in your own abilities you can call on Akasha to help you. She will help you by showing you the kindest and most gentle way to give light to the darkness in others and help them awaken the aspects of themselves they are blinded to at this time.

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