Archangel Adriana - Personal Software Update 

It’s that time again. Adriana is here to let you know that the Universe is sending you a personal software update. In fact, your spirit is busy downloading the message as we speak. But you need to make sure you follow the installation instructions carefully.

While Adriana is here to guide you to greater heights, you are still in the beta phase of this specific download. A lot is changing in the world right now and this new software you’re currently downloading from the Universe is here to help you make the best of these changes.

At the beginning of the decade everything was much different than they are now. We’ve undergone monumental changes and it looks as if most of these changes are here to stay. So now is the time for you to listen to what the Universe, and Adriana in particular is trying to tell you.

Software from the Matrix

If you’ve ever watched The Matrix you’ll probably remember the part where Neo learns martial arts. He literally just gets plugged into a computer and all the knowledge downloads into his brain - and suddenly he’s a martial art master. Something similar is happening to you right now.

Have you ever had that feeling where you just KNOW something? Where your intuition is so incredibly strong that you can't deny it? Well that’s exactly the type of thing that’s being downloaded into your brain right now.

If you’ve been having strange dreams and random stages where you just zone out for a few minutes during your day - don’t worry. That’s all completely normal right now.

Following the Installation Instructions

The specific software you’re downloading has been coded just for you. So it can be difficult to make sense of it by discussing it with others. In fact, discussing what you’re going through with someone else can leave you more confused at the moment.

It really is best to just take a seat and watch that bar load. You might experience strange, vivid dreams as your subconscious works through the new information to make sense of it. You may find that you’re more or less hungry that usual because you’re either hibernating or using more energy to process what’s being uploaded to your conscious mind.

You could even find yourself severing friendships and spending a lot more time alone. Or maybe you cope by spending more time with friends and less time in your own head. Maybe you’re having plenty of creative ideas, but you’re lacking the energy to make any of them happen. Or you’ve got all the energy, but nothing you want to work on.

Things are very muddled right now. But that’s just the disk defragment that’s busy making space for the new thoughts and behaviors that are encoded in this upgrade.

Right now, you need to listen to your own body to know what you need to do to successfully install the software.

Setup Wizard

Our bodies are like the installation wizard on a computer. They tell us exactly what we need. We just need to follow the instructions. Adriana will help you discern what your body is trying to tell you at the moment.

Keep one thing in mind though. Throughout this update your energy levels are going to fluctuate quite a bot. One day you might be super productive, but the next you could struggle to scrape together the motivation to get out of bed. Listen to those cycles. Take advantage of the productive cycles and rest as completely as you can when you hit that energy slump.

The more you can tune into what your body needs - running at full steam to start the new processes, or restarting to fully install the update - the less you’ll need bug fixes in the future. During this beta-run you have a chance to really fix all the coding issues and lag you may be experiencing so that you can make the most of the rest of the decade. Don’t forget, this is that time in the calendar where the mood is set for the rest of the ‘20s. So take the time to make sure you have everything you want in order.

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